The Need to Knead








Most days I actively avoid the kitchen. I do have to make a concerted effort to go in there. I am trying to get better about food, but it’s an effort.

Some days though, there is nowhere else I’d rather be. I pootle in full pootle mode. Bread gets made, cookies get baked, scones are hot off the tray and the jars are filled with goodies. And I pootle on and on, quite content in my role as maker and baker.

There is something very therapeutic about pounding a pile of dough into something malleable and bakable, and a new trick of mine when I’m feeling funky is to now purposely GO in the kitchen, rather than run away and hide under the duvet, and bake bread.

I have learned that, a little bit like knitting, my brain goes into zone-out mode, I begin to enter a state of meditation and part of me quietens down, relaxes, feels purposeful and useful and an a couple hours later we not only have bread, but a stress-free mama.

I’m not a foodie, but I may actually get to be one in time by concerted effort and zen-like meditation…

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8 thoughts on “The Need to Knead

  1. Oh this is so true for me – I go to the kitchen to settle my stressed out mind – works like a charm and usually results in something the whole family enjoys 🙂 great photos.


  2. Hm, that looks yummy. I like that little print LOAF on the side, I wish we could buy something like this: with ‘Hand-Baked’ or ‘yoga-bread’…or our own logo…My hubby will bake tomorrow a cake for me, yeah! I like baking, but not the mess after … … Have a cozy evening! bye


  3. In the good old days you could get tins with ‘Hovis’ (a brand of bread here), but they stopped making them, so these tins are like a tongue-in-cheek joke on that. It says ‘loaf’ in case your family don’t know what the hell it is 😀


  4. this is true. and honestly is there anything more nourishing for the soul than eating a big doorstop of homemade bread with butter? sometimes my kids will only have this for lunch and they enjoy it so much! masha’allah.


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