Corners… revisited










Well, here we are, on a flying start to the New Year. There have been so many changes to our home in the last few weeks that it almost feels like a new house – a new year with a new start.

New spaces have been formed, old spaces are no longer required. Some stand the test of time and others fall by the way-side.

As so often with memories, it is the small details that are quickly forgotten, and the small details which carry so many stories. To try to remember them I photograph them, archive them and hold on to the details, the corners, which make up the background to our lives…

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3 thoughts on “Corners… revisited

  1. Yes insha’allah I will do a ‘reveal’ of the new room soon. Having that space has opened up new spaces around the rest of the house too.3 columns – hm… goto Design and there is a template designer thing which gives you access to fiddling about with the layout and colours etc


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