Celebrating Life








This weekend was full of quiet gratitude and mellow celebration of life for us. Eldest turned one year older (wiser? well, let’s not stretch the truth…) and we were fortunate to spend that time in the company of friends.

Simple things which mean so much.


8 thoughts on “Celebrating Life

  1. Happy Birthday….and I totally agree…spending quality time with people you care about couldn’t be lovelier…In Celebration WE have a little GIVEAWAY this week for custom artwork…Please pop over and enter, I think you’ll like it:-)HUGSChar.x


  2. Hello Qalballah!I like your blog! I make a link at the link page of my blog. (I prefer to have a separate page for links.)I´m in a similar situation, at home with my boys 3 and 5. My daughter, 7, started school this autum. I had no reason for homsechooling, the school nearby is very good, and she can have lessons in our religion – orthodox christianity. “brain-draining, soul-destroying, unthanked, unseen, monotonous, boring tasks…” 😀 That really sums it all up!


  3. Hello Kata! thanks for stopping by :)Yes it is monotonous but I really do try to remember that the days are long but these years are short and try savour my babes all day long (easier said than done!) thanks too for the link 🙂


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