{ This Moment }



19 thoughts on “{ This Moment }

  1. Thankyou! Oh treasures – yes! usually very precious drawings, stones, screws (that makes me nervous – where did they get unscrewed from?!) and sometimes his ‘cell phone’. I’m surprised his pants dont fall down when he walks 😉


  2. 🙂 My boy just this past week discovered pockets… He’s 18 months. He’s obsessed! It’s absolutely adorable. But, when his pants don’t have pockets, all day he just keeps looking for them! Such a great moment! Mine was pictureless this week… But I posted it anyhoo! I love your blog – I’m just now stopping by and will be back!


  3. Thankyou! I dont know why I like this image so much, I think, like you say, it’s subtle details.Hi Anne – this one discovered pockets very early on too – he would call them ‘pock pocks’ ahhhh and would walk with his hands in his jean pockets like an old man or a builder 😉 For the days he was pock pock-less he’d resort to a clutch purse. Unlike a builder.


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