The Things They Say; The Things They Do


Me :: *oh for the love of God, what now*… OK coming…. what have you done, then?

Midget :: I wrote my NAME!!!

Me :: Wow, you’re so smart! How did you know how to write your name?

Midget :: I just KNOW.

Me :: OK, so let me see…

Midget :: THERE! SEE?? (spells out name) *beams with pride*

Me :: Oh. Darling. Well done. You are so clever and mummy is soooooo proud.

Midget gives a satisfied sigh and goes off to play with the Scaletrix.

I look at his name written on the coffee table, sigh and make a mental note to dust more often.


6 thoughts on “The Things They Say; The Things They Do

  1. LOL! One of my children’s friends was visiting and noticed the dust, and asked me why it was there! I bumbled something about and not having time, and hoped it didn’t get reported back to the child’s mother..


  2. I’m very choosy about who I let in to my inner sanctum – there are a handful of sisters I let into my house at any time because I know they dotn judge. Anyone else has to give me two days’ warning so I can clean 😉


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