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February 23, 2009

Honouring the season is very important for me; I try to find the beauty of each moment and live within it's contraints and bounty. This means that, even though I live in an age which is essenially seasonless in regards of how it impinges on my life and lifestyle, I do try to live within what would be considered in more traditional times as mindful of how the world changes around me.

One small example of this is food. Yes, I can walk into any supermarket and buy any fruit that I desire all year round. But this isn't how it should be, is it? I mean, you don't *get* strawberries in winter, do you?
Likewise with flowers. You just don't get flowers in Winter. Period.

Unless you import them in.
I would like my children to grow up understanding the nature of time and seasons and the need for changes in rhythm and listening to the needs of our bodies and the world around us. In Spring, you sow, in Summer you grow, in Autumn you reap and in Winter the land sleeps. Hm, that rhymes.
We have been eating lots of starchy root vegetables this winter. Fruit has mainly been apples and my poor deprived children *begged* for strawberries this weekend. {Or Stwawblellies if you prefer…}

And even though they had been shipped, by air, from Egypt {sorry environment!! so so sorry!} this weekend we enjoyed some fruit from another season.
And I bought flowers.
And the children and I Mmmmmmed our way through a pummet of fruit whilst a giddy aroma of pollen and perfume and growing wafted around us.
Such a welcomed treat! And made us even more grateful for the bounty we are blessed with, ready for the seasons to come…


5 thoughts on “Memories :: 4

  1. ahh, my birthday 🙂 and we would’ve been eating strawberries too (without the air miles)…i’m so pleased you celebrated unknowingly with me 🙂 🙂


  2. oh happy birthday for then 😉 and I'm so glad it's strawberry season again! we've got the first trip to the farm booked any time now and boy do I need it after a winter of root vege!


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