It’s a boy thing…

A generous gift from a generous Uncle masha’allah.

And some maths for you: sugar + 2 boys + 1 digger = ?

Yes, well done. Two flaked out parents and two irate boys. Hm…

Time to get them into their new Jim Jams and chill out…

Eid Mubarak. Time to snuggle under that quilt now. Brrr…


5 thoughts on “It’s a boy thing…

  1. Thankyou! The tableclothe really makes me happy 😀 see. And the wreath is nice and seasonal. Amazing what a couple of wire hangers can do. Too much Blue Peter in my youth, Amanda…

    Yes I made the PJs can you tell 😆 The boys liked them anyway … aw…


  2. OOOH! OOOOH! Cherry Bakewells! Cherry Bakewells! Is it a mirage or am I seeing them?

    And I’ve got digger envy too. We’ve got a few, but none that we can actually sit on!

    Lovely post xxx Lovely crafted pieces too 🙂


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