Bit better

but still far, far off the mark. Sloppy workmanship and not thinking things through properly making me wonder just WHY I keep getting it wrong. And as everything is a sign and a lesson in life I have thought about it and released the message in this lesson is: pay attention to the small things in life because they’ll be the things that trip you up.


8 thoughts on “Bit better

  1. honestly!!! a girl takes sick leave away from the pooter and comes back to find …productivity on a grand scale!!

    I’m loving the PJ’s big time!

    and if it makes you feel better I messed up the pencil roll the first couple of times I did it too….


  2. well….slowly working my way toward that machine of mine..despite the back giving me gip…having withdrawl sypmtoms…MUST SEW!!!!! :))


  3. What a unique idea. I have reused my son’s diaper bag made out of cloth. The kind you would hang on the wall that store diapers and havev turned it around for a clothes pin bag.

    Yeah, reusing scraps can be fun.

    Insh’Allah, I hope to visit your blog for some more fun ideas.



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