Dude. This thing is amazing. Masha’allah. I can’t think of enough good things to say about it. Fast. Quiet. Neat. If you have a sewing machine it isn’t *essential* to have one of these amazing machines; you can get by with zig-zag or even overlock stitch, but this just makes the whole thing a breeze. A machine that cuts the edges and stitches faster than my sewing machine? Something so quiet I have to look to make sure it is working? Can this be true?

So one WIP down. Dungarees are a go-go. The hardest part was actually using the sewing machine to stitch the pockets on – everything else was done in minutes.

Navy corduroy a bit difficult to see. Simplicity 7729 pattern.


3 thoughts on “Serger?

  1. Sergers are fantastic, aren’t they? Wait until you put together a tshirt in 20 minutes. It takes longer to cut out than sew together.


  2. I have led a sheltered life and had no idea how amazing these things are. Totally. Cutting out *is* taking longer than the sewing. And it just makes me want to sew MORE. 😀


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