My new old overlocker!!!

I have NO idea how to use this thing! This is going to be FUN/frustrating. Woop.

I love Allah. I love EBAY – you ROCK.



  1. MABROOK…… MABROOK!!!!!!

    does this mean the end to zigzag stitching those raw edges??? What are you going to call her…she HAS to have name!!!!
    btw you’ve got almost as many WIP’s as I have…don’t they stress you out??? I’ve got half finished crafting projects all over the show and it’s driving me insane…and I shamelessly went out and bought new wool and started another!!! do you think it’s a sign of impending insanity???



  2. See, I *KNEW* you’d understand. I never stitched raw edges lol – hm… that’s why my stuff looked so bad πŸ˜‰
    My sewing machine does actually have like an overlock stitch but this does the job faster, quieter and also snips off the leftover edges off to make a neat seam.

    Um, name. Hm.. not sure. Was thinking about going for the name ‘overlocker’… come on it took me nearly nine month agonising over what I’d call my *kids*.

    WIP – no it doesn’t stress me out because they are different WIP for different moods 😐 iykwim and the sewing projects are fairly small and I’m excited about doing them.

    Right. Back to some work πŸ™‚


  3. What is an overlocking and can my old hand operated singer do it?

    OOer…maybe I need to get modern…IF my singer cannot overlock what do I do instead? LOL


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