Two hour craft

Remember these:

Well yesterday I had a flash of inspiration. Ish. With some leftover wadding from another lapquilt I made/finished this week I decided to make a mini-lapquilt for the boys for Eid to match the cushions.

Quick sizing up and material decisions – obviously the Heather Ross VW to tie in with cushions, some Timeless Treasure and some baby blue linen to match the VWs and some other non descript cotton to match everything.

Not much time for Eid and I have a thousand things to do so needed a straight forward project – decided on squares. Boring but simple. 70 4″ squares. Matched them on the floor then pieced them together – ten rows of seven.

That was done. Ironed it and attached the wadding and backing and hand stitched the back of the bias and ta da:

Quite like the material for the back of this which has been accompanying me round the world for a while now – works well, I think:

Then spent the afternoon thrifting πŸ˜€

Some Amazon books made it through the Royal Mail fiasco:


But the best part of yesterday must have been talking for an age with a sewing machine saleswoman about Janome sewing machines. We talked and talked. And talked and talked. I oohed and ahhed. We talked some more. We covered everything from quilting to clothes making, embroidery to love of vintage. We have lived on the same street; we have the same views on Halloween; she owns seven sewing machines – one just for button holes – at last I have found a person as obsessed interested in sewing as me. How lovely. We were just getting round to comparing birthing stories when we looked round and saw both boys had lost the will to live. We could have talked all day. We nearly did. And my next dream:

A girl has got to have goals. I love my sewing machine to bits I really really do. But my little bit of pie in the sky is that.

*Contented sigh*


11 thoughts on “Two hour craft

  1. salaamz

    masha’allah..the quilts are lovely…and the machine!! well what can I’s enough to make a girl weep in joy….

    Eidkum mubarak, here’s praying you all have a wonderful day, ameen



  2. Mashallah!! Wow you did the quilt! I love it! I love your thirfty find pictures! I love to use excessive exclamation marks! πŸ˜€ I just find it so exciting that you did the quilt. I enjoy the pictures soo soosososo much. Sorry I sound too excited. That little wooden box is so charming. Can’t have enough vintage boxes πŸ™‚

    I also have a little pie in the sky sewing machine πŸ˜‰ It’ll probably take me 10 years to save up for it but it’s good to have a dream to work towards.


  3. If I had the money I’d actually go for a Bernina. Janome is just an accessible option for me – er if I was rolling in money *rolls eyes*

    Ah well… we dream, it keeps us happy…


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