One Two hour craft

New curtain. Stitches ripped out too many times… must measure properly from now on….


9 thoughts on “One Two hour craft

  1. Good day. Just finished chores around the house. I am too jealous of your sewing but too tired to start any projects. If you don’t mind what “masha’allah” means? Sorry my ignorance but I’m not a Muslim and you are the only one I know. I just see it written on your blog often and I was wondering. Have a pleasant weekend.


  2. Hi Nelly. You wouldn’t be jealous if you saw it up close 😉

    Masha’allah = it is from Allah/ what Allah wants (and is good)
    Alhamdulillah = praise is due to Allah (because all power ultimately comes from Allah)
    Insha’allah = If Allah wills it (because we do nothing unless Allah permits it and gives us the power to do it).

    Hope that helps


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